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Why Buy Fair Trade Incense

Fair Trade incense sticks are Hand Made incense sticks herbal incense, which contain natural ingredients and are completely free from any sort of animal or synthetic products. These incense sticks are made traditionally at a home cottage industry, blending together all natural essential oils from scented flowers or wood resins, herbs, charcoal and wood powders. They come in a variety of flavors, namely- Sattva, Ganesha, Shanti Nagchampa, Jasmine, Amber, Autumn leaves, Evening rose, Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Cinnamon and Spice, Lotus, Musk, Opium, Gardenia, Orange blossom, Passion flower, Om, Spice wood, Vanilla, wild flower to name a few. The fragrance of these incense sticks is magical and will take you to a new world of peace, tranquility and serenity.

The Fair Trade incense sticks are hand-Crafted to highest quality of purity and perfection, so as to give you the best and the most exquisite aromas you have ever had experienced before. They come in exotic flavors that are soothing and pleasant enough to fascinate your imaginations, making you feel complete, calm and happy. These sticks are carefully handcrafted and hand- rolled by women working in artisan societies, to fill your room with their clean, pure fragrances, making you feel revived and fresh.

While some incense sticks made truly suited for contemplation and meditation, there are some that have aromas which are disinfecting in nature, cleansing the environment from mosquitoes and flies, suitable for outdoor holidays and travel. Starting from cleaning and mixing of ingredients to rolling them into sticks, marbling and packaging them for sale- everything is done by hand. Many of these Fair trade incense sticks are available in handmade paper envelopes containing 10 – 12 long burning sticks.

These incense sticks are made by women and artisans in small villages and remote areas of over 100 different nations including India and Nepal, where they work on daily wages for non-profit Fair trade organizations which sell their handcrafted products to international markets and develop charity for social welfare. Fair trade is a social movement that has a market- based approach and works on the principle of ensuring well- being of disadvantaged producers and their empowerment in the developing countries of the world.

They are dedicated towards preserving the age old culture and heritage of our villages and promoting them to the coming generations. They pay fair wages to these low- income artisans involved in the projects and ensure safe and hygienic working conditions for the same. Fair trade also works towards providing education and other health benefits to improve their socioeconomic living conditions.

Not only this, Fair Trade educates it costumers that by purchasing these handmade products, they can better the lives of many unprivileged people of the third world countries thus giving them a brighter future. Thus it aims to make people understand that their one purchase can make a difference in someone’s lives. So the next time you light up an incense stick, sit back and relax your body in tranquil environment,

inspiring you to raise your spirits and achieve peace of mind and feel good of helping someone by your purchase. Their mild but remarkable aroma will delightfully inspire your creativity in a wonderfully sweet mood. Peace! Namaste’